Thursday, September 20, 2012

Roberts Pool

Here we are on our second day of swim class.  Holly is doing great even though she is thrown for a loop and we have a new sub teacher today.  it is Olivia's first day in class and she is having a blast.  During the class I slowing begin to learn what some of Holly's challenges will be and that is with her arm extension.  I never realized how flexible your arms need to be to learn proper stroke techniques.  So since Holly has such high tone she struggles with getting her arms above her head straight and high and with getting full extension on doing the moves.  But this is of course only day two.  She is better by the end of the month, but it is something we will need to continue to work on if she is to learn to swim.  After swim class we all went over to Hucklebee, a little forested picnic area in the park.  The kids played in nature, built a castle from sticks, Holly pretended to be Merida and made a bow and arrow for herself for pretend.  it was all very cute.  We had snacks and the mommies got to hang out and talk which the kids played.  It was nice having Theo and Kiana, 7, and 6 around to not only lead the play but also keep an eye on the younger girls.  it became a fun summer routine for us.

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Granny said...

I like the little platform in the pool, with rails for kicking. What a good idea! And the forest looks wonderful! For a city girl, Holly gets some great wilderness!