Monday, May 7, 2012

Open Houses

So on another day in Berkeley we decided to go to some Open Houses. Marilyn recently purchased a place in Georgia and my mom loves to look and well with the way the housing market is here in the San Francisco Bay Area they really wanted to know what a Million Dollar house looked like. We started the day however going to Brunch at another of Kat's favorite places, called the Vault. Then we dropped Joel off at home to work and we had about 3-4 hours to drive around and look. I focused the day up in the Berkeley hills. We saw a few places that were about 8-900K a 1.2 and a 1.6m It was interesting as the 800k house was a steal for the price based on the view and the size, but it was pretty run down. The others were really not worth the Money. Because a lot are built on the side's of mountains they all had some form of stairs either to get in or once in to get to the rest of the house. one was even 3 stories internally and then a forth flight down outside to a small in-law unit. But the 1.6 well it was actually worth the Money, that house was beautiful, completely redone with gorgeous wood work, the bottom floor had two kids room and a nanny room, Laundry room and play room, then there was another floor with the master bedroom and another with the kitchen living room. Full wall's of Window's or porches at every turn. The views were breath taking. For the most part I would never spend the money on these houses as you are paying for location but that last one we looked at I think was 5 bedroom 4 bath, 3700 Square feet and gorgeous. Now if only Joel's iPhone App Empire could take off, or someone wants to spend 200 million on his game and we have it made. Holly loved looking around she had the routine down pat, looking from room to room, floor to floor then announcing, Next House and heading back to the car. She had fun causing trouble, playing piano's jumping on beds, exploring kid's rooms. it was a lot of fun. Joel was happy to not be with us.

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Granny said...

The view is stunning! And Holly is so cute in that little dress!