Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Great Food in Berkeley

 So a big theme of my Mom and Marilyn's trip was eating.  We went out to eat several times, and well San Francisco is the place to do it, great food at every turn.  Holly was amazing, such a trooper, though it totally helped that she had both Oma, Marilyn and Tanta Kat to take turns entertaining her. 

 This is really nice restaurant just down the street from us called Paisan.  They have very California style pizza's and other Italian food. It is delish and we took the Family on there first night in town.  Afterwards we walked down the block to have Gelato at Cafe Trieste.

 Here we are at Pyramid, a Berkeley Stable.  It is Brew Pub food.  A place we loved to take my Uncle Bobby when he came to visit.  We knew both Marilyn and my mom would love it and it wasn't too unusual, they are not the most adventurous eaters and we had lots of exotic places on the menu for later in the week.

 For some crazy reason I thought it would be a hassle to put up the back seat so we had Joel just sit in the back the few times we went out with all 6 of us, I was silly the seat is totally easy, but now I know.

 This is Kat's choice and she wanted to take everyone to Ethiopian.  It was very different but super cool and I actually enjoyed it.  We ordered 6 dishes, two had chicken in them and they serve it on this bread and then you eat it with bread.  the bread tastes really weird, super yeasty or maybe tart or strong I guess but then when you have the sauces and the meat on it it tapers down the flavor and is really good. It was a fun and adventurous night, Marilyn LOVED it.

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Granny said...

You can tell that all are having a fun time from the photos! It looks delightful!