Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Day as a Tourist

So these are our tourist pictures. The first few are from the Golden Gate Overlook, but the rest are from our trip as tourist's through San Francisco on a Double Decker Bus. Holly loved this, she had such a great time sitting next to Mommy and looking out of the Big Windows. The only problem was that it was raining. The weather was actually pretty terrible the entire time my Mom was visiting so we took a risk and went on the day we thought the weather would be the best. It was mostly just a drizzle. We started at the Wharf and ended up eating at Boudin Sour Dough factory. Marilyn had Dungeness Crab which is in season, I mean you know it is vacation so of course time to splurge. We then did a tour of the bread factory which was super cool. Later we had ice Cream at Ghiradelli square,We saw Grace Cathedral, the Transamerica Pyramid, North Beach, Castro, China Town, Union Square. We even drove down Lombard street in my car after our bus tour. It was a great overview of San Francisco and a lot of fun.

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Granny said...

Your photos bring back happy memories of tourist trips! It's fun to be a tourist again!