Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Cake

So this is the eating post!@

First Holly finally sits down for a few bites of pizza and a little bowl of Pasta, Really she just wanted to eat some of the crazy bread.

Then it was time for the CAKE!

So I admit, I went a little overboard with the cake.  We needed sheet cakes to feed people, we got a vanilla and a Chocolate from Costco, but Holly wanted princess cakes, specifically the ones we see every week when we go shopping at Luckys, the ones shaped like the princesses.  So my idea was to get Aurora, Cinderella and Belle the three they make and put one on top of each cake and have a Third for her special cake.  Well once I had them they said it would basically ruin them and the dress to try and transfer it on top of the other cake, and when I picked them up they thought Belle, was Tinker "Bell" so she was the odd girl out.  I let it roll off my shoulders since it was the morning of the party and Holly does like Tinkerbell anyway.  but I had three extra cakes and wasn't sure what to do with them.  So we decided to use Aurora as the Candle cake, let her also eat Tinkerbell at the party, since she was Chocolate the preferred flavor and saved Cinderella for school the next day.

As Joel comes in with the cake you can see the emotion in Holly's face as everyone sings for her.  She is filled with excitement and blows out her candles on queue, I am sure she was also high with anxiety to be the center of attention but I was so proud of her for how well she kept it all together and then she dug in.

She ate the cake directly with a fork and the frosting with her fingers, we just let her have a free for all and she loved every minute of it, the frosting Monster, definitely a high light from the party.  She had a wonderful time.

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