Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas!
Santa has arrived,
He ate his cookies, and the Gingerbread house, and drank all the Chocolate Milk
That morning Holly was a little scared and nervous about going into the living room
She knew Santa had come but didn't know what to expect, like if he was still there?
First she opened the stocking
Then she was curious about the big present
First she thought it was a Princess Bike
But Daddy said, I don;t know it could be a chair
So then she got worried that maybe it was a chair and not a bike
But first she was patient and opened up some chocolates and candy canes
Santa even gave her a roll of tape, which she loved
Then she started to open the Big Gift and squealed, it is a Princess Bike
Which she wanted to immediately ride
She climbed right onto it, it looks so big
But she rides it really well, she is so big
So outside she went with a warm shirt and a dolly and she rode
Then the other presents began
These Pajamas were from Holly to Tanta Kat, don't they look adorable
This is Glimmer, she is a Fairy. When we began with Presents Holly was slow and patient. She waited for us to unwrap each one, even take them out of the packaging
here is a link to a cute picture
She slowly read the books
She waited for others to unwrap there presents
Here are some fun jewelry making beads
Another fun present from Santa
This is Toddler Princess Belle, She is so pretty
Then it was Daddy's turn to open a present
Of course Holly had to help him out
He got these neat Art Deco Sea Salt and Pepper Corn Grinder/Shakers
This another of her Favorite gifts is a Cinderella Polly Pocket style set with a Carriage
She has all of the princesses now, but this set had more dresses and even a horse
It was another one she was happy to wait for us to open so she could play right away
It was such a lovely morning
Holly was so excited by each gift
She loved all of her Princesses, this is a baby Cinderella
Another one we had to instantly open
However as the morning went on, she began to open things a little faster
It was so cute how she would say, no we can open this one later, lets see the next present
And of course she didn't want to wait for others anymore
Here is a link to another cute picture
This is a Holly Calendar, Kat got one too
As Kat looked through the pictures Holly says, "That's Me" all coy like
Here is a gift in Tinkerbell Paper
and she is excited to see it is Chloe, a garden Fairy from Pixie Hollow Games
She was excited about her too
She said she must have been a good girl because Santa brought her everything she asked for
This is Aurora, another princess
This is a gift she got from Grandma and Papa, she loved it.
A Tinkerbell tent that became her new clubhouse
It folds down into a small flat circle which is nice for storage
These are some neat dress up dolls, ballerina and Princess dresses
and another gift for Daddy
and one for Moe, Holly picked it out herself as well.
It had a rainbow and a feather
She liked to look at all of the neat wrapping paper
She got lots of neat gifts, books, and puzzles and games
She also played messenger and handed out the gifts to everyone
This big one was from Tanta Kat
She wrapped everything so pretty with ribbons, but it made it a challenge for Holly to open
With a little help she did great
She is a pro at this by now
This was another favorite toy, a Princess book with a "movie player"
There were little Slide shows that would reflect on a dark wall, she loved them
Another gift from Tanta Kat was Cinderella's Purse, Beads, and Earings
This is a set of furniture for Holly's Doll House
It is for a baby, there is a high chair and a crib and a toy box
It was really cute. She didn't even open it until the next day, but she really liked it
We played with her dolls and the baby ate and then the Mommy put the baby to sleep
This is a gift from me to Joel, it is a Passenger Side Rear View Mirror for the Camry
I knocked it off months ago and didn't want to replace it, but now that he is driving it, I got it for him.
These are Tinkerbell Pajamas from grandma and Papa also, Holly had to wear them right away
Of course she then did her Fashion Model pose for us all.
This was a present she had been waiting for, it was a collection of the remaining faries
She was so good that when she asked Santa for Rosetta, she got all the fairy friends
These ones are like barbies in there size and they all have wings
Later in the day when we played with them all she took off all of there cloths and then put on different outfits
Rosetta was dressed up like Iradessa, Silvermist like Rosetta, it was adorable
Now when she plays with her dolls she will make them talk to each other
And when she has them play dress-up it is so cute, Tinkerbell pretending to be a water fairy
This is a Snow White Doll with a picnic
Snow White and Cinderella are Holly's Favorite Princesses
Now it is time for Tanta Kat to open her presents
I got her a 7 inch GPS which she really likes
and Oma and Opa got her an iPad. She was thrilled
It was a really wonderful Christmas
After all the presents were opened we spent the entire day playing with toys
Holly got Chalk from TantaKat and they colored
Her princess and Fairies all had a picnic together
Here Tanta and Holly go out front to try out the Chalk
Holly plays with her Cinderella Carraige
She calls the horse GusGus because the Mouse turns into the horse by the Fairy godmother
Here is Snow White sharing an apple with Holly
While we played Daddy made everyone breakfast, we had Waffles, Eggs, Sausage, Toast, it was yummy
Here we are playing with all of the Fairies
Tanta Kat excited about her gift is setting up her GPS and iPad
Later all the dolls, Princesses, and Fairies join Holly in her club house. a new favorite hangout
That afternoon Holly took a nap, we actually woke up early and opening all the gifts took a lot out of her
Then it was time for dinner, it was around 6:00 We had Ham and Bread and mac and Cheese, and String Bean Caserol. Yummy Dinner, Perfect Day

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Granny said...

WOW! What fun! That looks like an Over-the-top Christmas!