Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cool fun on a hot day

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fairy Party

A while back some friends from our moms group had a going away partyThe main attraction was a fairy! The kids had so much fun with her.She did a really cool magic show and the party girl got a unicorn.Then she took out a rainbow for all of the kids to play with.All it took was a little fairy dust for the rainbow to appearand then all the kids got to dance under all of the colors!They had a lot of fun playing with the rainbow dancing and reaching for the skyThen all of the kids sang songs with the fairyItsy bitsy spider was one of manyit was fun to sit on the rainbow, some of the kids liked rolling aroundHere is a slide that was fun to play on. Holly's shoes were clunky and getting in the wayWhen she tried to climb up on it, so she was fast to take them off.Here are Holly and Chloe sitting on Katherine's lapThey were so fascinated with the fairy, she was very beautifulLater there was face and hand paintingIt was amazing how well the girls waited for their turnIt was fun to watch as everyone got there hands paintedBut Holly was a little distracted waiting so she took a walk by the flowersA turn on the slideAnd then she went to see what the other girls got. Here is a Fishy on Elisabeth's handShe had a lot of waiting to do, so we went exploring in the play room.There were so many fun things to play withShe always loves to play instruments and make musicThe fairy had a magic box, it was tough to keep Holly from trying to open it.But then it was finally her turn and she got to pick what would be painted on her handA Cat? A Rainbow? A fish of course!Then it was back inside to make some cake and play in the kitchen.Chloe had her had both of her hands painted, she did get a cat and a rainbow.Holly has never seen such a big "rainbow" before, she was really enthralledChloe did such a good job of sitting still while she was having her picture done.I had to keep Holly on my lap, I think that was the longest she had ever sat still before.And then it was time to run and play some more.There was a lovely cool breeze, but Coco was cold.Here is Elizabeth dancing with the fairyIt was such a lovely idea for a party we had so much fun.The girls had a great time and really looked up to the fairyShe was also so sweet with the kidsShe would sprinkle Fairy dust everywhere, and we had bubbles at one point too.Soon everyone had a turn to get there hands painted and it was time for the fairy to drift away.not before everyone had a snack firstYummy melon. I was amazed that Holly ate it, but then again, she wanted to be just like Chloe.It was late and time to ride off into the sunset. It was a great day.