Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Princess Camp!

Here is Holly ready to go bright and early in the morning!  We have Princess Camp every morning this week in Oakland.  Alas it's about a twenty minute drive so mommy has been getting up everyday at 8:00 to get her there in time.  She is attending with Leelou, Mira, and Alana plus several new princess friends.  On Monday  they focused on Cinderella and yesterday was Mulan.  She is do excited every morning trying to guess who the princess of the day is.  They start with open play in the gymnastics room.  But she has on her Tap shoes so at some point they learn dances and they do dress up stories.  They have been doing a craft each day, yesterday was a fan and sword in Honor of Mulan.  On Friday is a show, so they have been keeping the crafts at camp I suspect they might use them in the show. They have snack and ballet dancing and at the end if the day we pick them up in the little playground out back.  She is excited to pick out a different dance/ballet leotard every day and gets herself dressed long before it is time to go.  If only camp were closer to home I would have let her come all summer!  She I having a blast.

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Granny said...

Princess Camp!!! That's brilliant! I"m sure she is having such fun!