Sunday, July 21, 2013

Baystreet with Kaylee and Mira

We had a lovely playdate at Baystreet with Mira and Kaylee.  We met first at the book store, Thanh read the girls some stories and they played on the train table.  Afterwards we headed over to lunch with Mira at Pasta Pomodoro.  The girls had a blast, reading some books and playing, and of course devouring there lunch.  They played outside for a while, Ring around the Rosie was so adorable.  Afterwards we headed back to the bookstore where the girls played with  the various stuffed animals on the "stage" where they presented a narrated interactive story.  It was Epic!  And there is Video:

Ring Around the Rosie
Playing with Mira and Kaylee

Welcome to our Show
Kaylee leads the girls in a interactive play

The Story Continues
Kaylee continues to be the Narrator of the Story as Mira and Holly play all the parts

Part 3
Its an Epic tale

The Scary Dragon
The Saga takes a twist

Its Holly's Turn
Holly is very quiet and shy, but she takes a turn telling her own story

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