Thursday, July 25, 2013

Holly's Happy Birthday Princess Party! 3-11-08

Here we are inside at the princess Party  I have Many Video's of the girls singing and dancing

Snow White Sings, Walking Walking, Hop Hop Hop
Singing Snow White Ram Sam Sam

Snow White and the Bus
The Wheels on the Bus go round and round

Head, Shoulders, and Snow White
Snow White and the kids sing Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes.

The girls then have a tea party with Snow White serving Juice in there pink goblets
There were also Tea Sandwiches like Cucumber and Cream Cheese and Peanut Butter
While snacking we started on the Face Painting
The girls all got to pick what type of Character they wanted to be
Holly as the Birthday Girl was the first to go
She decided she wanted to be a Unicorn
After finishing the snacks we started Craft Time
There were a few different projects
There was a magic Box that everyone was able to decorate with jewels and stickers
Also little purses that they were able to color and decorate and put together
Everyone had a bunch of fun and got to pick several different crafts
While face painting Snow White gathered ideas for the Show the kids would be preforming
As they each picked out there character she talked about them
and would later incorporate it into the story she would tell
Leelou decided she wanted to be a princess so she had another tiara painted on
It was fun watching the girls all pick out which jewels to use for decorations

Mira decided she wanted to be a dolphin
and Sara a Beautiful butterfly
Kaylee also choose a crown
As well as Chloe
The girls danced and played with balloons

And we got everyone to sit for a pose together

Afterwards it was time for the mommies to sit and watch the kids do a performance
The Princess Fairy Birthday Tea Party
Snow White and the girls put on a Show for the Mommies.
The video is long, but so adorable
Prior to the performance they were all "Back Stage" in the other room
Making up the different parts and deciding on the narrative
It was very creative.
The Snow white sang a few additional songs for us.
A Dream is a Wish
Snow White sings for the girls, "A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes"

Once Upon a Dream
Snow White sings another song for the girls.
Finally it was time for Birthday Cake!
We had a Belle and an Aurora Cake
Holly was excited and ready to blow out her candles

She blew them all out and made a wish

While eating cake Snow White read the girls her story

We had an amazing time and Snow White was a hit!

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