Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Christmas Morning Again - Video

So I know I already posted a Christmas morning post, but I had forgotten that I took a ton of pictures and video's on my cell phone.  So here are some of the missing pictures and a ton of little video;s from Christmas morning.

Where Does the Stocking Go?
Holly playing with Tanta Kat a silly game with her Christmas Stocking

Buzz Lightyear Dress
Holly opens the Package with the Buzz lightning dress I made for her.

Minnie Mouse Make-up
Holly plays with a pretend make-up set, she likes the perfume and lipstick

Hair Curling
The same play set has a curling iron, Holly didn't know what it was, so I showed her.

Rapunzel hair
Holly was super happy to get a Rapunzel Braid

Pascal the Chameleon
Pascal her buddy Holly needs a side kick to play the role of Rapunzel

Rapunzel Wand
Holly opens up a princess wand

Married Rapunzel
This is part of the soft Doll Collection she loves to play with them, this is the married Rapunzel

Veterinary Playset
This is super cool, It is a pet carrier, with a little Kitty and all of the Vet check-up medical supplies

Jake and Hook
Holly plays with her soft dolls from Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Daddy vs. the Sword
She got a Jake sword and she aims for Captain Hook but gets Daddy

Holly Poses with Mommy's Dress
Another dress that I made for Holly, she poses after unwrapping it.

Holly Unwraps Charlotte
Charlotte is the girl who wants to be a princess and friend to Tiana in Princess and the Frog

Minnie's Playground
A figurine playset, with swing and see saw

Hook's Boat
This is a boat and bath toy with Captain Hook

Rapunzel with the Short Brown Hair
This is a really cool doll as it acknowledges that Rapunzel's hair is cut at the end of the movie, so if she were to Marry Flynn Rider she would have short brown hair.

Singing Rapunzel
This is one of Holly's favorite gifts a 17 inch larger then typical Rapunzel Barbie Style doll that sings Holly;s favorite song from the movie.