Monday, March 18, 2013

Diya's Birthday Party

Diya is one of Holly's classmates and we are here at Khanna Pena celebrating her Birthday.  it so happens that her family owns the restaurant, and it is my favorite Indian Restaurant   When I was in the hospital after delivering Holly, when I was finally able to eat again the only thing I craved was Chicken Tikka and Golden Raisin Nan from this restaurant   Granny and Nana picked up take out for me.  It was fun to remember that when I learned her friend's family was the owners.

The party was really fun because many of Holly's classmates came and it was held over the Christmas Holiday break, so she hadn't seen her friends from school for a while.  We were the first to arrive and every time a new friend would come Holly would eagerly greet them.

We all ate delicious Indian Buffet, the kids played and then we had yummy cake.  Afterwards Diya opened her gifts.  its cool how kids will find a way to entertain themselves in almost any environment if they just have a friend to do it with.  They made up super hero and detective and explorer games, it was very cute.

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