Saturday, March 23, 2013

Chinese Dinner with Friends on Chinese New Years

Here we are at a Family Style Chinese Dinner with friends.  It was a last minute invite on a Sunday night, but we had no other plans, so off we went.  Leelou wanted to try Catfish and they had it here.  Holly enjoyed her rice and Mommy had yummy Lemon Chicken.  Joel however got to eat a little bit of all the yummy food.  With 4 families there was a lot of good stuff to all share.  Afterwards, since the girls were so good and ate all there dinner we took them to Flavor Brigade a yummy ice cream place just across the street.  They however were closing so we in the cold sat on the steps of the Library while the kids played and enjoyed there treats.

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Granny said...

Chinese catfish! Sounds good! You all know how to eat out there!