Sunday, October 6, 2013

School Days

This first set of pictures is from the end of Holly's Fairytale dance class.   It's part of the afterschool class program at Malcolm X elementary.  It was a really cool class the kids got to dress up like fairies and the teacher played piano and told a story and the kids danced around to the different parts of the story.  Earlier in the class all the kids decided what type of fairy they wanted to be garden fairies snow fairies Sleepytime fairies and the teacher made up the story based on what the kids wanted to be.  There was one little girl from Holly's regular class and three girls she knew from the green group that she was in during the first week of school that she was excited to already know four if the kids in the class.

These pictures are from our 1st Friday books and bagel day. Every first Friday of the month we bring in bagels (donated from noahs) and coffee and juice and spread and the parents stay until 9 o'clock reading to the kids.  This week however the whole class earned 10 CBG's that stands for caught being good when the class had 10 they got to have a puppet show so at 8:35 we transitioned and  all the parents helped the kids make puppets for their puppetshow.  The sock puppets had; cloth and glitter, feathers, pom-poms and googly eyes and yarn for hair the kids had a blast making them all.  Holly's was a mermaid.  It was lots if fun.

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