Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kaylee's Birthday Party - Video

Kaylee had a super fun Gymnastics Birthday Party at a new place in Walnut Creek.  The kids are all eager to get to the party and it was even a Drop Off Situation, no Mommies and Daddies on the Gym Floor.  I ended up staying and watching from the sidelines, there were several fun instructor lead activities to entertain and wear out the little ones and then when it was time to head to the party room there was a surprise special guest, Rapunzel! Rapunzel was so sweet and Kaylee and all of the girls were so eager to give her a hug and meet her.  Kaylee got a special gift.  Then of course there was yummy food and cake and we all sang Happy Birthday!  It was a fun day!

Singing Happy Birthday Kaylee

Rapunzel Sings to Kaylee

Here are a few extra pictures I found on my phone:

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