Monday, October 28, 2013

Ballet and Tap Recital - Video

Here are a few videos from one of Holly's Recitals.  This was the last class they did at Kids in Dance, while we had a great time there, this class was really big and it was very Chaoric.  The girls had fun, but they were not really progressing.  We did end up having them do Princess Camp later in the summer.  In these video's they do some Ballet warm-ups and a Tap Dance Song Dressed as Tiana.  I don;t have video but they did some Cinderella as well.  and they did a cute scene where they were all Caterpillers and later butterflies.  It was a fun show.

Fairy Butterfly Dance
Caterpiller Dance

Little Ballerinas
Doing their warm up moves during the Dance Recital.

Tapping Tianas
The girls do there tap dance to a Tiana Theme

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