Thursday, October 31, 2013

Carving Pumpkins! Little Pumpkin Patch - Video

This Halloween season really got away from us

Every weekend has been super busy and there has simply been too much to do

This year we were not able to make it out to the Patch in Livermore where we normally go

But I did promise Holly a pumpkin Patch.

This little one is set up right next to Bay street and we have driven by several times

So on Tuesday I took Holly and we picked up a few pumpkins to carve before the season ends

She actually ended up having a really fun time and wanted to stay longer then we could

She searched for the perfect pumpkin and decided she wanted little ones for herself

Really though it was all about the giant bouncy slides

 First time going down the Titanic Slide at the pumpkin patch in Bay Street. She has recently been afraid of heights so I was super proud
Heading down the slide a few more times. This little boy made his mom go, but then he saw Holly do it on her own and had to out brave her, then they slid and played together for the next 20 minutes till we had to leave.

The prices were pretty high but since it was a Tuesday afternoon and almost empty

Rather then paying 8$ for 10 minutes on this one slide I paid the 8$ but she jumped on everything for about 25 minutes total.
 Always giving me the 5th degree, asking questions and making a deal for more okay time while sliding on the bouncing slide

When we got home she insisted we start right away and not wait for Daddy

She had a set of Princess carving tools

Sadly Momy broke the Saw Blade with the first baby pumpkin we tried to open

I told her since she insisted on not waiting for Daddy it was her job to clean them out

We had a scooper but it was too big for this little guy so we used a spoon

It was ewwy geewy!

But she did it!  I even got a lesson about seeds and the "Flesh" and "Skin"

They have been learning about apples at school and she transferred the knowledge to pumpkins!  Way to go.

One baby pumpkin was enough and when she was finished she said we needed Daddy's Help

So we waited for him to get home so he could gut the rest

They had fun taunting each other with the guts

Joel was so persistent in trying to get her to help too

He finally was able to get her to stick her hand inside, but that was as far as she would go.

Then they tried to get Mommy with the guts, I was not a happy camper

She helped do the second small one

But ended up doing more drawing then carving when it came down to it

She decided she wanted to use her stickers

And just decorate the pumpkin

This ended up becoming a two day process, so on the first night we just had Daddy gut them all

It was actually a good deal on the pumpkins we got 5 for only 12$ But that was 2 small, 1 medium and 2 more bigger (Not Large)

I decided I wanted to do something different and picked the white one

We played a game to guess what color the insides would be.

Daddy said Orange, and I said white.  Holly decided to vote Purple!

Here is the drawing of the Face Holly wanted to carve

We ended up doing most of the carving on Wednesday night

She had lots of fun drawing on them and plucking out peices

She picked out special princess silhouettes for Mommy to do on my pumpkin

She wanted to do a princess too but they were super hard so we stuck with a traditional face

We didn't have the best tools and the little pumpkins are not as fleshy

But with Daddy's help it was a group effort and she was able to make her pumpkin

I love the one Large eye and the lopsided smile

These are the two images I carved, Cinderella

And Aurora.  It was super fun!  I'm not she how great they will glow, but it was more about the process.

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