Friday, December 7, 2012

What does the Kinect, a Wall and a Box Car having in Common?

 They are all fun things to do when playing with Tyler.  On this playdate, while waiting for Emily (The ABA Therapist) to come over and join the fun the kids tried out some dance games on the XBox Connect. No - Holly didn't quite get it, but it was amusing to watch.  Later they marched in a band, had yummy snacks of Yogurt and banana's and when Emily came by together they all built a Wall of Giant Blocks, which is kind of tricky when you have King Caitlyn Kong there trying to knock it down.  Later they decided they wanted to "drive" in a box car and lucky Emily got to be the motor!  Oh joy and thank you for youthful energy, as if they asked me I would have redirected them to a less strenuous on my part game.

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