Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rowan's Carnival Birthday Party - 8/5/12

Happy Birthday Rowan.  This is his Third Birthday Party.  It was at his Mommy's house, and it had a cool Carnival Theme.  It was so much fun.  The kids got tickets and there were ten games.  The tickets were to play and then after you played you got a prize based on the number on the ticket.  There were ten tickets and ten prizes and this provided a fool proof system so kids wouldn't get a bunch of duplicate prizes.  There was a bean bag toss and a ring toss, to name a few.  Of course there was lots of fun play time with general toys, trains, and playhouse, but there was also a super cool Jump House and fun Face Painting.  The Birthday Cake was yummy cupcakes and all of our friends were there to play with us.  We had a super blast, it was certainly a party for the record books.

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Granny said...

Great face painting! And I love the cupcake-cake! Very creative birthday idea!