Friday, December 7, 2012

The New System

 This session of Swim and Gym has been a little different now that the kids are older.  It starts later in the day, which actually makes it harder for us to show up on time because we used to go strait from school and now that we have a two hour time lag we go home first and then have to leave.  But the nice thing is Mommies don't have to go into the pool anymore.  I have mixed feelings about this.  Mostly I am happy about it as having to change after swimming and get Holly together in such a short amount of time was not fun, but i do miss the being in the water part.  I guess though that just means I need to make other opportunities to swim with her.  Anyway, back to swim and gym.  After the swimming part the kids have about an hour to and hour fifteen split between eating a snack and playing in Child Watch and then heading to Kindergym for jumping and circle time.  Parent's get to go to the support group.  So the whole thing is only two hours now.  She still likes it and has a lot of fun, but it is definitely very different - she totally gets to be independent from Mommy almost the whole time.

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Granny said...

She's growing up!!!! I loved watching her at her lesson!