Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tiger Tiger - Drive a Car?

Here we are at the Zoo.  We ended up scheduling a double play date there with both Chloe and Olivia and Kiana.  Holly loves introducing her friends from different spheres to each other.  We started the day off at the rides, the car was one of Holly's favorite, but the airplane was fun too.  Sadly the girls really aren't strong enough for lift off and instead of raising up they just spin.  The train ride was fun too, they were excited to see Emu's and Walleroo's.

Next they decided to head inside and see the animals.  The tiger was a highlight of the afternoon, but the birds and Monkey's were fun too.  Though I think the favorite part was the water feature and the tree near the field where the kids ran around and climbed the tree.  They also splashed and waded in the water and tossed stones.  It was a super fun day.

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