Thursday, October 30, 2014

Random thoughts Thursday

A few random pictures from this week.. I find it mildly amusing that with child #1 I had the super nice big camera with me everywhere I went and took high quality photos...
Now with child #2 I'm lucky if my iPhone has enough battery left to take a quick shot and half the time the photo is dark, blurry, or the babies eyes are closed from the flash... But thus it is.
Above is a picture of holly with all her hair brushed out, there is so much and it's do long, but alas it's hot and she gets sweaty and uncomfortable so this week we did fancy braids, there are 4.
It's Halloween week and I have been bribing Holly to wear the Halloween shirts I bought two years ago on sale before she outgrows them.  They are not dresses and they are long sleeves... So it has been a challenge.. And Go figure it's the end of October and still in the 70's but she has complied.
Here is Lyra with Moe, she is not a fan yet.  But he is kind of unpredictable and the fact the I wouldn't touch him didn't help.... When you get home Tanta you can work on this.
Lyra 'helping' sissy with her reading homework.
A rare moment when Lyra is asleep.  I've started tracking sleep and food again so far over the last 4 days she slept 9h, 12h, 9.5h, 9h... Not a lot...
Lyra wants to be crawling around exploring everywhere now.  Here we are after swimming
And the girls played together at child watch, Lyra was super excited to throw the ball at sissy and didn't want to leave 
I convinced Holly to go to Kindergym so Lyra could crawl around a little more
Here she is practicing her "walking" skills she had a blast and was very excited to climb over the other babies
Cute black and white shot because when the baby grabs your phone she pushes buttons without you realizing it
She wants to play ball again but sissy was busy on the slide
Here she is climbing over her toys to get to other toys... In a bad mommy moment earlier this week I put the castle up so she wouldn't climb on it and fall while I was in the bathroom and instead she pulled it down on top of herself.  I hear a crash and a cry and ask Hokky what happened and she just shrugs, "Lyra dropped the castle on her head"
Sucess she is happy to have her baby doll which she hugs and cuddles and pats over her shoulder like a little mommy!
Here she is changed into her PJs playing with said castle... It's 4am and dark, thus the closed eyes from the flash. It's about time to try bed again... Good night

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