Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
It's Lyra's 1st pumpkin carving
Good thing she did this before it was full of guts
Daddy takes the too off the first pumpkin
"What's that Mommy!"
"Can I eat this?"
Where's Daddy?
Cleaning out the guts
"Mmmmmm guts"
"Eeeeeeewww Yuk"
But she gives it a try
So does she... Yum
No not yum!
This is your pumpkin Lyra
Ok so then let's stir this up
Holly starts to draw her pumpkin face
It's very serious work
But now it's time for more pumpkin guts
Check it out Lyra
Let me get my spoon
I'll just put this in my bowl for later
Do you want some sissy?
"Noooo Yuk"
"More for me!"
"Away daddy! No guts for me!"
Lyra had a blast watching as we carved
She kept eating the pumpkin seeds 
So I had to keep fishing them out of her mouth
Holly wanted a spooky pumpkin this year
And here it is!
The second one daddy did
It looks just like Lyra with the two front teeth
Happy Halloween

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