Sunday, April 6, 2014


Last weekend we had a sleep over with Mira

Holly was so super excited and counted down the days and then the hours and then the minutes until she arrived on Saturday afternoon.

The girls played a cool Sofia the first board game during lunch

Then decided to go outside and play in the back yard

Holly wanted our neighbor Stella to meet Mira so we invited her to join us for a bit

The girls invented a sandwich game where they crashed into each other on the slide

It was hilarious and interesting to see the type of "rough housing" girls do compared to boys

Baby Lyra didn't want to miss out on any of the fun

Here she is trying to eat a flower Holly picked for her

As tumbely as they were it was cute how the girls were being careful if each other

Here we are under the Cherry Blossom tree in full bloom

Lyra loves being outside and she really likes watching the big kids play

Here is an awesome VIDEO Joel made in slow motion that includes some jumping and sliding from the sleepover:

The girls did a great job taking turns picking what to play including doll house, babies, doc mcstuffuns, pinkalicious uno, and this fun balloon popping game that was a birthday gift from Leekou (thank you!)

They had yummy spaghetti dinner and then bath time with colored water and bubbles.  Each girl picked one color, Holly red and Mira Blue and they got to watch it turn purple.

While drying off they watched toy story if terror which Mimi had picked earlier in the week.

Then they were off to bed, not a problem at all... At least the big ones that is 

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