Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dying Eggs

I really aught to have Tanta do a guest post, she took about 500 pics of us making eggs, these are the only ones I got as I was juggling Lyra.  But you get the idea!  Hopefully Tanta will post some pictures today.  

It was lots of fun, I had asked Tanta to boil eggs for us as we were on our way home but didn't realize I only had brown eggs.  She boiled 7 but then I couldn't find the decorating kit so I ran to walgreens to get a new one. I Aldo picked up another dozen of white eggs.

We got started dying and one one hand the brown eggs were not taking the color great, but it was still so much fun we decided to boil another 5.  But then those were so much fun that we boiled another 5 for 17 in all. 

We had a special white crayon that would keep the dye out so we could draw pictures on the eggs, that was my favorite part.  Kat's favorite part was mixing colors on the eggs and holding them in a second color after the first dye.

Holly's favorite part was putting them in to soak and then checking on them several times.

It was fun to see how they turned out.  After they dried we put stickers on a few.

Yesterday I ate done for breakfast and Holly asked to peel them, I think that was also her favorite part :-) 

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