Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Tree Shopping

Here we are at the Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree lot.
Mommy insisted on picking out the Christmas Tree which meant the whole family got to go on a car trip
Holly was excited to play on the jumpy slide bouncing her way up and down
It is super high and super steep but she loved it.
She made friends with the other kids there, while mommy went searching for the perfect tree
Alas Holly found her perfect tree all on her own
It was pink and pretty and just the perfect size for her.
But instead mommy found a nice tall green and fluffy one
Holly wasn't convinced but I told her we could take pictures but she had to say goodbye
She found a branch and wanted to paint it pink to take home with her
I asked if they would assuming it was a spray can type deal but apparently it was a long full tree machine process
So back to the warm car we went where baby Lyra was sleepily waiting 
Then we headed home with our new tree the grannies amazingly brought the tree up from the car on there own
And here it is waiting for decorations which we plan on doing today.  It was a fun outing.

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