Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Crafts

What started off as a fun Christmas Eve craft project building a cool Cinderella carriage while Santa's elves were busy preparing for the big day turned into a 5 hour ordeal.  While Holly had a lot lot lot of fun and stayed totally engaged participating for at least the first two hours pour Tanta Kat was tormented by confusing instructions, backwards facing pieces and a puzzle of sorts where the pieces all fell apart as soon as they got put together.  If we end up salvaging and keeping the project Daddy will have to shop for some type of spray on adhesive glue that would dry and keep the whole thing together and maybe the paint would help too.  Regardless it was suoer fun having Kat spend the day today, lasagna for dinner and Christmas anticipation.  Looking forward to Santa coming tonight!

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Granny said...

That's amazing! I love that it has horses too!