Saturday, April 16, 2011

From Flamenco to Body Surfing

Holly loves to play Dress Up when we go to Chloe's House
Her imaginative play is becoming more sophisticated every day
Cooking fruit salad or dessert then serving all of us mommies with a snack
This is Holly's favorite dress-up dress, she always wears it when we come to visit
It is nice to have a small group of girls to play together, Sara, Satine, Holly and Chloe.
With four there is not an odd man out, but its not too many to get wild and crazy either
We always have great snacks when we play at Chloe's too
And Holly has become ever so fond of these shoes, I can't believe she can walk so well in heels.
But then she decided she wanted to pretend she was swimming and going to the pool and surfing in the Ocean, ohh the games they will come up with.

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Granny said...

That is so adorable, that she pretends to be surfing in the ocean! She really is a California Girl! Love, Granny