Monday, June 1, 2015

Love Our Neighborhood Day

I haven't been posting on here for a long time it's hard to do with Lyra... And Facebook makes it so much easier when you can upload groups of 30 pictures and just make little comments on them all in one little Easy screen... But today I have more than 30 pictures so I thought I should do a full-fledged blog post.  Now that Lyra is 18 months I'm starting to have a little bit more time and so I'm hoping to post a little bit more regularly maybe not every day like I did with Holly but maybe at least two or three times a month

So A friend of mine recently asked me to reflect on turning 40 and what things I wanted for the new year... one of the things I said was to be more spontaneous.  So I saw this flyer at 2:30 this afternoon and even though the event ended at 4:00 I decided to take the girls and walk on over.

So this neighborhood event was happening, they closed San Pablo Ave. from Ashby all the way to Stanford and outside in the streets their were lots of vendors and stores with tables, it was full neighborhood people and little things to see and do.
This guy was playing Cello and his amp was being powered by bike
Here was a chalk drawing area
Lyra was enjoying the walk and Holly thought it was cool to be in the middle of the street 
She decided to draw some flowers 
Next we checked out some spray paint art
I liked this storm trooper
There was music everywhere. I'm not sure what the style is called but they had hand drums and these tall string bows they were strumming 
We saw a screen printing place, Holly recognized it as we recently had screen printing of t-shirts at MX
She wanted to give it a try
She made a cool poster that said live my neighborhood with a hand drawing
This is a close up of some street art I see driving all the time 
This one I never notice because the door is usually up

Holly liked this one because she was pink, I hadn't seen it before because it was tucked around this ledge
Maybe a camel?
Another music pop up with a close up of the bows 
Giant chess set
So we ran into lots of people, first Lila R at a Bike Booth, then Mo and Stella at this cool water area
There were materials to build little boats 
Lyra liked splashing
The boats were set at the top and then they floated down several ramps
The water recycled through a pump and was a closed system
There were plants and rocks and obstacles 
Holly made several boats with little animals but she kept loosing them her favorite had a little Orka
We could have stayed for hours but there was little time and a long way to go so we moved on
This giant tree was another mobile music player run on peddle power
This dog was super cute, Lyra kept pointing at him
So this is hard to see but there was a band playing in that little alley way and about 100 people squeezed in and moshing! It was cool
And then there was the duck!
We ran into Kaya walking too, so she joined us for a bit.
Here all the kids climbed up
It was a super cool car duck
At another booth called Ace Monster Toy they had this cool marble toy set up.. The booth was for a "hacker mom" type Wirk space for crafty people to work on projects.
This was cool, awesome octopus!
So the silk screen place was called "the greasy diner" but inside they have Art Classes and a little store.
There were all these beautiful art peices 
You would never have realized how neat it was inside from driving by 
Holly found this really cute knitted giraffe 
But it wasn't a good price.
Maybe I should go to Ace Monster Toy and Knit one... But they don't have Chikd Care like Hacker Moms
One the way back towards home Holly wanted to draw more 
She found this orange peice of chalk and would run about 1/2 a block ahead of me and draw smilie faces
She wanted to decorate all the streets from ashby to ward!
By this point Lyra was so tired she was falling asleep sitting up...
On the way back we saw this in a sign making store 
I spied this little penguin, the tree was black... I wasn't sure what it is.
This was a sweet little bench
Pretty flowers
This were huge! Bigger then my open hand
This cute yard had several ceramic creatures hanging out
This turtle was my favorite! It was a great afternoon!

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