Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Once a month there is this Auction House in Oakland that opens there doors so we can see the various estate items for sale.  The auction takes place the following two days.  On this Friday there was a piece of art Isabel was interested and wanted to see in person to decide if she wanted to bid on it.  It is her guilty pleasure and of course the girls have a great time exploring "Clars" while we look around too.  I about have a heart attack every five minutes we are they due to a fear of something being knocked over and we get several looks but all of us have a great time and the girls are being exposed to all kinds of neat antiques.  Once there was an Egyptian Sarcophagus, there are lots of statues and paintings and other paraphernalia, once there were wracks of high end designer cloths from the 60, totally vintage and awesome.  Shoes, purses, it is a fun activity.

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