Monday, July 23, 2012

Kat babysits Mira and Holly

I hadn't seen these pictures before, it was so much fun to browse through the night.  Kat was wonderful enough to babysit both Holly and Mira one night back in April so we could both go to the movies together.  First they played in the back yard, lots of jumping and swinging and sliding.  Then they ate some food, and watched team Umi Zoomi, and then it was time for board games, I was really impressed that Kat got them to actually play them, it looks like they did three.  Then it was time for some yummy cake.  Finally and I am sure this must have been a favorite part of the night they got to hang in Kat's apartment and visit the kitty cats.  The girls look like they had a fabulous time together and the Mommies and Daddies had a great night out at the movies.  Thanks Tanta Kat!

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Granny said...

Great photos of Kat's cats AND the kids! Look like great fun!