Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swim & Gym Summer Graduation

Over the Summer our Swim and Gym Program was on hiatusBut before our break we had a giant celebration

It was both a happy an sad occasion As we were saying goodbye to old friendsOur program is a Birth to Five, and alas many of our classmates turned five this year.It was happy as they would be graduating and moving onAll with fond memories of there time in Swim and gym And the bond of friendship.On this occasion everyone is invited, new familiesAnd those who had attended years ago.I was surprised to see I actually knew a few of the older familiesand just never realized they were part of the program before.The graduation was held on a sunny Saturday afternoonat a park in Berkeley.Here is Anna, one of our favorite graduatesCitlali and Holly simply adored herAnna, a totally awesome five year oldwas such a good girl when it came to helping with the two toddlers.Here is Holly jumping around in the bounce houseAnd climbing on the play structure in the parkWe even had Tanta Kat in attendanceShe spent the entire spring attending Swim and Gym with us.And now that she has a job and doesn't come with us anymoreits almost like her graduation too.The kids really enjoyed playing with the giant is one of there favorites in class too.And this is Tristan, another of our graduatesEach of them have special crownsthe crowns are decorated with a collage of photos from the programThey were quite beautifulin fact, Rachel printed tons of photos of all of the kidsthat we were welcome to take home with us for keepsakes.I think this parachute must be much bigger then the one we use at schoolLook at all of those kidsAnd then they jump on topready for a rideAround and around they wentSo much fun@!Here is Nate and his Mommy.And our friend AvaHere is Holly on the swings with DaddyAnna is hanging out and playingAnd like the sweetie she is offers to give Holly a pushWe had yummy Top Dog Sausages, Watermelon and cakeWe ran through the grassWe played in the sandWe hung out in the parkWe jumped in the bounce houseWe said good bye to old friendsIt was a party to remember.

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Anonymous said...

It's so fun to see some of the kids I've gotten to know, like Citali!
What a great program the Swim and Gym is!
Love, Granny